Miguel Sainz

Developer Technology Engineer

NVIDIA Corporation - Europe (Link)

msainz_at_acm_dot_org / www.msainz.org

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Welcome to my home page! In this site you will find the most relevant work (papers, movies, projects, talks...) I have been involved during my professional life in areas such as computer vision and computer graphics. You will also find information about the courses I taught as well as some little info about my hobbies. Enjoy!

Research Projects

SPOC: Point-Based Capturing

Confetti: Point Based Rendering

Revicat: Virtual Catwalk

3D Modeling from Images and Video Streams

DMesh Objects


ICS 188 - Fall'03


ICS 280 - Winter'04


ICS 180 - Spring'04

Resume | Publications | Talks | Hobbies

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